Safety Tips for Your Brand New Underwear with Pockets....

When you travel with the Clever Travel Companion's underwear with pockets there is one important thing to keep in mind:

Always keep some cash, a credit card or something of value easily attainable, in a regular pocket, in your wallet, your purse or what ever you prefer traveling with.

There are two major reasons for this:

The first is so that you don't have to access your hidden pockets on the street, in a store, in the train station or where ever you are when you need some cash or a credit card. The pockets are hidden for a reason after all and you don't everyone to see what you are up to.

The second reason is more ominous; If you were to be mugged or robbed it is always smart to have something to offer the robber. If you have everything hidden away and nothing to hand over, the robber might get suspicious and aggravated.

Since your most important valuables are in your hidden pockets, you always want something to be able to give the robber: I usually keep 30 dollars or so in my wallet. I also keep a credit card, that I can easily call and cancel (or even an expired credit card), and some less important stuff that wont hurt losing. That way, if the odds are against me and I do get mugged, I will not lose anything I can't continue my trip without.

The thing to do when robbed is always to simply hand over what ever the robber asks for: which is usually your wallet and all its contents. Money and things are never worth fighting for. This is advice that police and insurance companies always give too – experience tells us this is the smarter, safer thing to do. So don't fight, just hand it over! Keep in mind that you are dealing with a desperate person, who needs your money and who might be high or at least unstable in some way and you never know how he or she will react. Simply hand over what they ask for and walk away unhurt.

I don't mean to scare you, getting robbed is not that common. But it does happen. So, sorry, I just have to write it....better safe than sorry...put your valuables in the Clever Travel Companion's hidden pockets.



The most common way travelers lose their valuables are by their own accord; by simply dropping them, forgetting their wallets somewhere, leaving a bag in a cab or on a train, or simply having stuff fall out of unsecured pockets...


Be alert, pickpockets strike when you are preoccupied and when pickpockets are good at what they do - you won't feel a thing.

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Hello Gareth, I am glad you like my travel tips! yes, we do hole sale. Send us an email at and we can talk!

Johanna, Clevertravelcompanion


Good tips -like the old carry a spare wallet – on for the mugger and one for you. Do you do trade sales on the underwear?

Gareth Sear

Fantastic products,top of the line.
We are going to order again!
Nini from France


Great tips! I love your products! I have ordered some for me as well as for my boy friend as we set of for Vietnam next month!

Sara Mc Dooley

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