30% off all orders until end of day January 19

Hipp hipp Hooray! 

The Clever Travel companion turns 6 months tomorrow, January 19! help us celebrate. Spread the word and use code 'CelebrateCTC' for 30 % of all orders over USD 50 today and tomorrow!

6 months ago we opened our web store and started spreading the news about the Clever Travel Companion's revolutionary travel gear! We have received a tremendous response with press mentions and reviews in countries all the way from Sweden and Finland up north to  Brazil in the south, and Spain, Netherlands, France and the UK in Europe and even as far away as Australia! Our underwear with secret pockets have been mentioned in the LA Times, Lonely Planet, the Sydney Morning Herald, Matador, Svenska Dagbladet, the Calgary Herald and many, many more.

We have customers from all but five US states, from Norway and Germany, Japan and New Zealand, just to mention a few! Travelers are everywhere it seems and you all have something nice to say about the Clever Travel Companion's invention. The most frequent comment is: "Why didn't anyone think of this before?" and after that "Finally, no more itchy money belts or ugly fanny packs".

So come on everyone and celebrate! Take advantage of the celebratory 30% discount by entering code 'CelebrateCTC' at checkout for 30% off your entire order!

Thank you all for these first six months! We have had so much fun. So many of you email us and tell us where you are going and where you plan on bringing your underwear with pockets and we get to hear about so many fascinating places through your stories. Thank you also all reviewers for taking a chance on us, for testing our products and most of all for liking them and giving us such excellent, positive reviews!

Safe travels everyone!

/Johanna, founder of the Clever Travel Companion

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