Traceur Friendly Clothing: Find Out in this Seriously Cool Video! June 02 2012, 2 Comments

Traceur Friendly Clothing: Guest post by Jereme Sanders
Underwear with pockets. Huh, sounds a little redundant for everyday wear. Unless you are flying through the air, knees tucked up by your ears, soles to the sky everyday. Then, even the deepest pockets on your workout sweats let you down. And when they let you down halfway through a side-summi over a concrete ravine causing the sudden atomization of you new smart phone, they really let you down. As a Traceur, a practitioner of the discipline called Parkour, I am in the position of needing a more unique type of protection for my pocket items than clothes companies usually provide. Enter Clever Travel Companion. Tank tops with zipping chest pouches? Underwear, of the supportive boxer brief design, with zippered pockets? Is this too good to be true? I wrote Clever Travel Companion to see, and you know what, it isn’t! I took the boxer briefs out for a spin first - literally and on many axises. I found that the pockets, though they look tight, are deep and have a lot of storage space. They held my wallet, keys, and - the high-maintenance diva of the show - the smart phone comfortably. No shifting or dumping of my credit cards and tech devices today. As an instructor of Parkour, it is even more important for me to keep my personal items on me and not lying unattended under a tree. I have to keep my eyes on my students, move quickly to spot, catch, or instruct and can’t be distracted keeping track of my wallet. Underwear, superior, check!

The tank. Meant to be an undershirt that stores your valuables securely, it lost a little functionality in the south Texas heat. With temps reaching the 80s in December, I tried the tank as outerwear. I found that the chest pouch was looser than the zipper pockets on the boxer briefs and rose and shifted with the acrobatic movements of Parkour. If the weather had allowed me to wear an over-shirt it would have added stability and the pouch would have functioned exactly as intended. Secondly, as outwear, the zipper bisecting the chest catches the eye a bit oddly. If Clever Travel Companion might consider the tank as outwear for hotter places, maybe a print design on the shirt - such that makes the zipper blend in with or stand out as part of the design - would smooth out the presentation of the functionality of the piece. Tank, good overall!

The T-shirt. In addition to the tank and boxer briefs, I tested out the zipping pouch t-shirt. While with small adjustments to the aesthetics and then making sure it is a good tight fit the tank works well in a Traceur’s arsenal the t-shirt was definitely too loose to wear doing acrobatics. As a piece that will safely keep your valuables on you during light-weigh coaching it works well, as long as you keep your feet on the ground. T-shirt, save for the easy days!
Clever Travel Companion’s goal is to give people a comfortable way to secure their valuables as they travel the globe. For Traceurs, who travel the concrete landscapes of their cities everyday in dynamic ways, Clever Travel Companion is a great find! I look forward to continue wearing and exploring their well-constructed, Traceur-friendly clothes!

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