How to Best Use the Clever Travel Companion's Products

Some people express surprise at our secret pockets. Am I suposed to reach into my underwear every time I ned to pay for a metro ticket or an ice cream or a coffe? Well, we give the  same answer every time: no!

The overriding purpose of the Clever Travel Companion's gear is to make sure your valuables are safe and that you never end up stranded without money or identification. 

Thus our recommendation is to keep all but one credit card in your secret pocket, most of your money and one pieces of identification, if abroad preferably your passport.

That way - even if you get robbed or pickpocketed or lose your luggage or hand bag you will have enough money and your passport. That can be the difference between being able to carry on with your tripa or having to spend the rest of your trip arranging for a new passport and getting money wired. In many places you can not get a new pasport and without ID how are you even supposed to prove you are you?! Catch 22 if ever. So best advice: don't lose it!

For everyday purchases you should keep some cash and if you think you will need it, one credit card readily available, in a pocket or hand bag. That way all small purchases come from a regular pocket and you do not need to acces your secret pocket and show it to anyone.

Another great reason for dividing up your money is that if you were to be mugged or robbed it is always smart to have something to offer the robber. If you have everything hidden away and nothing to hand over, the robber might get suspicious and aggravated. They will not buy that a 'rich' foreign tourist does not have any money at all. The thing to do when robbed is always to simply hand over what ever the robber asks for: which is usually your wallet and all its contents. Money and things are never worth fighting for. This is advice that police and insurance companies always give too – experience tells us this is the smarter, safer thing to do. So don't fight, just hand it over! Keep in mind that you are dealing with a desperate person, who needs your money and who might be high or at least unstable in some way and you never know how he or she will react. Simply hand over what they ask for and walk away unhurt.

Remember, all this talk of pickpockets and robbers aside: with smart precautions you will not have to worry. Being careful is the bes travel insurance you can have. Also keep in mind that the most common way travelers lose their valuables are by their own accord; by simply dropping them, forgetting their wallets somewhere, leaving a bag in a cab or on a train, or simply having stuff fall out of unsecured pockets. So safeguard your valuables in the Clever Travel Companion's secret pocket and you can go about your trip without worrying. Relax and enjoy your vacation!

Naples, Italy, together with Barcelona, Spain, unfortunately tops the list of pick pocket dense tourist destinations.

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