Couchsurfing, New Aadventures & Making New Friends

A while back we received an email from Wylie, aka the Couchsurfing Cook.  She told us about a long awaited trip she was embarking on and about her plans. We sent over a few of the Clever Travel Companion's gear for her to test and review on the road and today we received an email from her as she is all set to leave.

Do read Wylie's blog post. Not only is it a joy to read, but Wylie reminded all of us here at the Clever Travel Companion why we love traveling: the adventures we come across, the friends we make, the new insights we gain and the different ways of approaching life we come across and learn from. best of all, Wylie reminded us that a lot of that can be be accomplished right here at home - through inviting couch surfers to our homes. 

If you do not know what couch surfing is, read all about it here. It is quite brilliant, not only economical but the best way of meeting people from all over the world!

All of us at the Clever Travel Companion wish Wylie a great trip full of fun and adventure, and of course  that she will stay safe!

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