Using Your Driver’s License in Another Country

Have you ever wondered whether you can use an American or Canadian driver’s license in another country? It would be silly to think that every single time you go on an International vacation you will have to apply for a new driver’s license in that country, or be forced to take taxi cabs to all your destinations. If you’ve ever visited another country you know that it’s not practical to walk to far destinations, and renting a taxi for every small trip can get expensive.

Luckily many countries have agreements that let tourists use their country’s license to drive in a foreign country when they are visiting. Canada and the United States have this international agreement with many other countries. You can drive in these countries and likewise tourists from these countries can drive in North America.

However, before visiting any other country you should always check a few things before you leave and start driving yourself around.

1. Check with the consulate of the country you are going to visit to see what requirements, if any, you need to complete before driving in that country. Depending on how long you plan to stay you might need to make more permanent arrangements for your driver’s license.

2. The American Automobile Association issues an international driver’s permit that translates your own license into the language of the country you are going to visit. This way you can be sure that there are no problems with local law enforcement if you get stopped for any reason.

3. Always read up on driving laws for the country you are going to visit. Some countries have lower speed limits than others. In addition, a country such as England drives on the left-side of the street which is very different than the right-side driving you may be used to. If you don’t feel comfortable with another country’s driving laws then it may be worth it to just get a taxi cab.


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