Let's celebrate & you can win free gear!

Want to win some Clever Travel Gear or get 30% off? Join our Marco Polo Birthday bash

Did you know that on September 15th, Marco Polo, the greatest traveler of all times would have reached the mature age of 758, had he been alive? 
Join our sweepstakes by liking Clever Travel Companion on Facebook and get 15% off our entire collection of travel gear at Clever Travel Companion and a chance to win any 3 products of your choice, shipped anywhere in the world.
If you get 3 of your friends to join the sweepstakes as well, you will get a discount code for 30% off our entire selection and also be entered to win double the price. Yup, that’s right a grand total of 6 products of your choice!
So join in the fun and who knows you may win!
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