Great Travel Book - Full of Practical and Savvy Advice

I just read a great book about travel tips and tricks, The Travel Authority: Essential Tips for Hassle-Free Travel by the experienced travel writer Jeanine Barone. Jeanine has written for numerous well known travel publications, from the National Geographic Traveler to Conde Nast Traveler and she knows her stuff! 

Her book is available from Amazon in travel friendly e-book format of course or you can get it in PDF from Jeanine's blog: J The Travel Authority. I truly recommend it - before anyone sets out on a journey it is after all best to come prepared. The book covers everything from packing to emergencies, and practical advice for travelers of all levels, from budget to luxe. The Travel Authority: Essential Tips for Hassle-Free Travel is full of practical advice, interesting anecdotes and overall useful information for travelers. Janine's blog is also packed full with information and great photos, so check it out!



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