Keeping Safe When Staying with Strangers December 02 2012, 2 Comments

Budget travelers are often creative when it comes to sleeping arrangements. In order to keep costs down they may choose hostels with bedrooms that are like staying in a college dorm, sleeping on a stranger’s couch or even trying to catch some sleep on a long overnight bus ride. These options all involve a little bit of trust in people you don’t know at all, because you are putting all your travel belongings within reach of their possibly thieving fingers. Though most travelers are just trying to have a great trip experience, too, there are some that are still going to see an opportunity and take it.

There are many ways to keep your bags and laptops from walking away, but when it comes to money and passports, you can’t really get by without them, so it’s even more important to keep them safe. If someone steals your camera or favorite sweater, you aren’t going to be thrilled, but their loss won’t keep you from continuing your trip or from getting back home. Thieves will often dig through your purse or the pockets on your luggage while your back is turned, because it’s easy. Rifling through all your clothing to find hidden pockets will take more time and isn’t going to be their first choice. If you are keeping your money, credit cards and passport stashed in your clothing, either on your body or in your travel bags, it will be nearly impossible to find quickly.

We never want to think the worst in people, but if you hope for the best, but plan for the worst, you will always be prepared if the worst does happen. When your bags are left behind in a questionable circumstance or you’re making your way through town with everything you own on you, it’s always smart to use the hidden pocket in your Clever Travel Companion gear for your most important items. That way, even if all your other belongings are stolen, you still have the means to get back home or even replace what you need to continue with your travel.