10 Best Travel Products of 2012!

Yep, the list includes the Clever Travel Companion's gear! We are happy to announce that we made Smarter Travel's best travel product list for 2012! Not bad, eh?

From Smatrter Travel:

Clever Travel Companion

"We loved this product line so much that we featured it in multiple giveaways this year. What is the Clever Travel Companion? The line features clothing with built-in zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe. Rather than deal with a traditional bulky money belt, the Clever Travel Companion's underwear, shirt, long johns, or other clothing items are actually comfortable. Says our tester, "With the Clever Travel Companion, pockets are sewn into your underwear or tank top, giving you (but not thieves) easy hands-free storage for your valuables. The pockets on both garments (there are two on the underwear and one on the tank) are the perfect size to hold a passport, credit cards, and some cash. The best part: There's no way a mugger is getting anything out of these pockets unless they're really determined. And you definitely won't get pickpocketed in these." (Prices start at $24.90.)"


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