Little Hands Are Worth Big Money in Major European Cities May 16 2013, 0 Comments

Pickpocket gangs are on the rise, but who is really doing the dirty work? Surely you’d like to believe that you would notice the shady character with shifty eyes looking for the opportunity to pounce. But most of the time, that’s not the person doing the actual criminal action. In many cities, children under a certain age cannot be prosecuted for such crimes and they are used by unscrupulous criminals and forced to serve as perfect workers for pickpocketing rings.


Call it a real life Oliver Twist played out in modern times if you will, but it is a common scene across major tourist destinations as children swiftly grab your valuables without you noticing a thing. Some places are worse than others so be on alert while visiting the following popular destinations that are known for children pickpocket rings:


  1. Athens, Greece

  2. London, England

  3. Paris, France

  4. Naples, Italy

  5. Venice, Italy

  6. Barcelona, Spain

  7. Madrid, Spain