Guest Post: 10 Important Things to Include in Your Exotic Travel

Most people will at one point in their lives or another dream of globetrotting and nation- hopping like there’s no tomorrow, without a care in the world and only a rucksack to keep them alive and kicking. However, the gap between simple domestic or European jaunts and those that involve far-flung destinations is pretty huge and cannot be overlooked.

No matter which way you look at it, there’s a fair bit more preparation and thought that needs to go into the planning of an exotic trip than your more bogstandard week away, but there are some things that you should be sure to cover no matter where you’re going or for how long. So, here’s a look at a helpful top-ten in terms of exotic travel checklist items you should consider mandatory:

1 - Inoculations

Not always needed, but when they are needed they’re needed in a very big way. The best thing to do is speak to a travel agent or looking up the necessary information online from the NHS, in terms of which vaccinations are 100% mandatory and which additional meds might be recommended.

2 – Smartphone Apps

If planning on taking a smartphone with you, it’s never a bad idea to invest in a few travel apps to help out along the way. Things like maps, guidebooks, phrasebooks and copies of your passport etc. cannot hurt and might just end up saving your bacon.

3 – Basic Meds

It’s best not to assume that they will have all your favourite painkillers, allergy tablets, contact lenses and so on where you’re going – stock up before you go and you’ll probably be glad you did.

4 – Insurance

Not just any insurance, but insurance that actually covers the place you’re going and what you plan on doing there. Check it out in full and be 1,000% sure before setting off – it’s not worth the risk.

5 – Tell Someone

It sounds obvious, but so many forget to tell folk where they’re actually going and for how long. You need at least one responsible soul at home to know where you’re supposed to be and when, just in case they need to raise the alarm.

6 – More Power to You

Again, don’t just assume that you’ll be able to find a working power outlet to charge your camera, iPhone and so on and so forth – also don’t assume your charger will even work. If it’s vital for your comfort and survival, be sure to stock up on batteries.

7 – Basic Essentials

Being basic they’re often some of the easiest to forget, but be sure to keep a ready supply of tissues, pens, paper, cash, cards to access alternative cash, emergency chocolate bars and so on and so forth.

8 – Banks and Lenders

Here’s a really golden tip – be sure to tell your credit card provider, your bank and even your phone mobile phone company where you are going. The last thing you want is to find your services blocked and cut-off because they think your cards have been stolen and shipped abroad…it happens!

9 – SIM Smarts

Your mobile phone might work abroad, but then again it might not. Or it might work and cost you about a grand a minute just to make a call, so exercise a few smarts and go for an international pre-paid SIM that’s cheap as chips to use abroad and serves as a neat backup. Just check its compatible countries first.

10 – Copy Cats

Last but not least, take at least two photocopies of every important document  including your insurance, passport, driving licence, bank cards and pretty much everything else – all of which you should scatter around your baggage and never store all in the same place.


By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton turned to The Holiday Place to build her dream multicentre holiday package and found herself bitten by the travel bug from head to toe.


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