What You Can Discover with Crime Statistics from Around the Globe

When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, there are many thoughts that likely rise to the surface. ‘Will we be able to afford it?’ ‘Are there enough recreational activities?’ ‘Are we going to eat well?’ ‘Are the accommodations clean and comfortable?’ All of these questions are important in selecting a destination for yourself, and possibly your entire family.

While considering all of the fun you will be having, it is important to remain better safe than sorry and factor in crime statistics of the area as well. Having to avoid theft throughout your vacation can grow tiring and it’s best to know what to expect before you even book your vacation. Perhaps you should add ‘Are there any pickpockets?’ and ‘What do the crime statistics show?” to the list of criteria questions.

Luckily, there are a few great resources that allow you to search leading statistics on crime for locations around the globe. For comprehensive reports, check out the International Crime Statistics of the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime. There you will find information about everything from organized crime to homicide to burglary. Some of these statistics will come as a surprise. For example, Sweden has the highest rate of drug-related crimes based on crimes per 100,000 people.  

Another great place to discover crime statistics and compare international destinations is a website called NationMaster, created by Rapid Intelligence that collects and compares data from all over the world. Using a simple drop down menu, you can peruse the statistics on whatever crime you are most concerned about for your particular destination or choose the safest option.

One statistic compiled by NationMaster is particularly interesting: the perception of how safe it is to walk at night. The percentage reflects the people who believe it is safe to walk at night. Of the 15 countries listed, the order is quite illuminating and should make a traveler think twice before dashing off into an Italian or Australian night alone.

Perception of Safety Walking at Night from NationMaster / UN International Crime Victims' Survey


In order to avoid theft in potential unsafe areas, consider purchasing a travel product especially designed with your protection in mind. Pickpockets and other gangs of thieves will be unable to get to your valuables if they are secured underneath your clothing in a zippered pocket and completely out of sight, especially at night.

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