Waterproofing the Clever Travel Companion's Gear

Some of our lovely customers have asked for waterproofed underwear. Well, we tested making a prototype with waterproof pockets and....the reason we don't have waterproof pockets are:

1) The testing revealed they don't work well enough. They do work most of the time, but not always, and nothing is ever guaranteed. If leaks occur and you have your passport in there.... Well, that simply won't do. Credit cards and money can handle humidity and even lots of water, but not passports.

2) Well, who swims in their underwear anyways? So you put your stuff in your underwear, take a swim, what then...Will you walk around in wet underwear all day? Of course you can always bring an extra pair and change.

3) We make underwear, not swimwear. Our underwear are for wearing under clothes. Not swimming. But if enough of you want swimwear we will make them! Let us know your thoughts!

4) The waterproofing material doesn't hold up well in hot machine washes and in dryers. And well, underwear should be washed warm and stand tumbling....

For those of you who do want to waterproof your valuables; we tested simply zipping our stuff in small bags made for waterproofing and guess what, that works very, very well and is much less bulky than having permanent waterproof pockets. We found some good ones on Amazon


Waterproof bag examples from Amazon.



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