How to Stay Safe During Your Mexico Vacation

Despite it’s pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities that have attracted tourists for decades, Mexico has received a bad rap lately with all of the cartel-related reports of crime in Mexico City and areas near the United States border. Don’t let the negative spin in the news deter from a beautiful Mexican vacation! There are plenty of ways to stay safe in Mexico while enjoying a relaxing vacation.

Like all countries, there are parts of Mexico that are more dangerous than others. Putting in the time to research beforehand will help eliminate the risks of crime that make staying safe in Mexico a concern for many tourists. Choosing the right resort or neighborhood is essential in setting up a home base for your vacation free from worries of pickpockets and other street crime.

One of the most important factors in helping you stay safe in Mexico is choosing the right destination. Though crime in Tijuana, Cancun and Mexico City is very much a reality, some of the lesser known places offer a safe retreat. Many travel websites and other online publications offer lists of Mexican vacation ideas that won’t leave you worrying about your safety. According to all of our best sources and friends from Mexico, the following places are free from the crime reported so often in the media.

  • Merida

  • Todos Santos

  • San Miguel de Allende

  • Huatulco

  • Valle de Bravo

If you are determined to venture into a city that is known for crime, there are products available that offer protection from theft. Staying safe in Mexico’s more dangerous areas requires more than just awareness when you are on the street. For adequate protection from theft, try clothing from Clever Travel Companion that feature a zippered pocket to protect your valuables - it's the cheapest travel insurance there is, better than any money belt of fanny pack!


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