How Bad Are The Pickpockets in Paris?

The real question question is whether or not pickpockets in Paris have slowed down in the months following the Louvre incident. By all accounts and crime statistics, Paris is no safer than it was.

As you may recall, the Louvre shut its doors in April for a day after museum staff walked out in protest of the increasing number of pickpockets working in the popular Paris tourist attraction. Despite raising awareness in the months prior, pickpockets got the better of the Louvre and its patrons.

The only thing that has come of the increased attention on the pickpockets in Paris is a better understanding of how they operate and who they target, but little has been done to actually stop the pickpockets.

Looking at the crime statistics of Paris, experts have learned that pickpockets do target specific types of tourists over others. An article in CNN reported that petty crimes against Chinese tourists in Paris have spiked 22% over the course of the past year.

Unfortunately, the preference to carry cash instead of credit cards and the desire to spend a lot of money on retail goods, make the Chinese particularly attractive to pickpockets in Paris.

Pickpockets in paris have also started to come forward, explaining the structure of pickpocket rings and methods used on the streets. One woman of Bosnian descent describes her experience as a pickpocket as a form of modern day slavery, having to send a percentage back to the leader in Rome.

Don’t expect the pickpocketing climate to change anytime soon. As one Parisian resident tweeted, “the annual August exodus from Paris has begun, the 7th arrondissement is deserted, only beggars, pickpockets ... and tourists [remain],” making antitheft devices a reality.

So, if you are bound for Paris anytime in the near future, it’s wise to make a small investment in an antitheft product and return with your valuables intact.

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