High Risk Pickpocketing Areas: Where Are You Most Vulnerable?

If you haven’t already, conduct an Internet search for the 10 worst cities for pickpockets in the world. It’s no surprise to see Barcelona at the top of the list, followed by Prague, Rome and Paris. Theft statistics confirm what you’ve probably learned from the news headlines and own personal experience: tourist destinations are a hotbed for pickpockets.

Researching theft statistics and identifying which cities are at a high risk for pickpockets is the easy part. What’s difficult is to discern where exactly within the city pickpockets are likely to strike and steps to take to guarantee prevention of theft.

Let’s start with the most obvious, tourist attractions. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower, the Picasso Museum or even the Vatican, a large crowd of tourists is the best place for pickpockets to get to work. As theft statistics show, no destination is sacred when it comes to the potential for being pickpocketed.

Another common venue for pickpocketing is a train station or other major public transportation hub. With so many people moving through the station, thieves can remain undetected and wait for the ideal time to make their move. Pay particular attention at stops along the way as often pickpockets will exit quickly after stealing a wallet from a back pocket.

Unfortunately, one of the favorite places of pickpockets is hard to identify exactly because it is on the streets. A secluded street is much safer than a busy pedestrian thoroughfare of tourists where pickpockets can easily blend in.


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