Hero Coffee Shop Owner Tackles Pickpocket!

This story originally appeared in WRIC Virginia local news and is an inspirational example of an everyday hero. The owner of a coffee shop acted without thought for himself when a customer screamed that her purse had just been stolen. He charged after the assailants, eventually catching up to them and retrieving the customers valuables - I think we can all agree, every coffee shop needs an owner like this! It's worth remembering though, not all victims of theft are lucky enough to have a hero on hand to help out, so take care to ensure you don't put yourself in a position of danger.



Co-owner Walter Bordeaux said it was a good day at The Coffee Tree on Colonial Avenue: “Everything was going great. We had plenty of customers,” he said.
A customer was seated outside, not far from where Bordeaux stood, when there was a commotion: “The customer runs around the corner here and screams, ‘They stole my purse!’ As soon as they said that, without any hesitation, I just took off running.”

Surveillance video shows several young people running down the street. Bordeaux eventually caught up with some of the group and asked a question, he said. “‘Why are you doing this to your community? You know? Because I want to be a part of this community. Why are you doing this?’” At that point, someone dropped the purse and Bordeaux returned it to the customer, he said.
“I’m glad nothing escalated. I’m glad they were just kids. I’m glad they didn’t put up a fight and I hope they see the error of their ways,” Bordeaux said.

He and co-owner Dee Stewart took over the shop two months ago. It was a dream for them. Bordeaux said wants the community to know he supports them — and needs their support, too. “They were good kids. They just made a mistake, and I hope that they learn from that mistake, but I just want to let everybody know, we do support our community.” Police said detectives are investigating.

For information and tips on how to stay safe and out of harms way, check out our travel safety tips guide or better yet, pick up some pickpocket proof travel gear and keep your valuables to yourself at all times.


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