How to Be a High-class Traveler on a Budget

One of the best things about travel is the way that it propels you towards endless new and exciting experiences. A life well-travelled also leaves you feeling replenished, refreshed and relaxed, so the ideal travel experience should combine these two crucial aspects, all while making sure you don't break the bank in the process! However we choose to live during our everyday lives, travel allows us to occasionally have a taste of the high life, and indulging in some of life's luxuries is a key part of a good vacation. With that in mind, let's have a look at some of the ways you can live like a high-class traveller on a budget.

Don't Be Shy

One of the golden rules of good travel is this; ask and you shall receive. You'll never know what it feels like to get that free room upgrade to the penthouse suite or being bumped up to first class on a long-haul flight if you never ask for it. You'll be amazed at what service providers are willing to do for you if you ask for it, especially when you're travelling during quieter times, when first class seats and fancy hotel rooms can have an occupancy rate of less than 50%, meaning they might as well fill those extra spaces for free. 

Mingle with the Other Half

There's plenty of fun activities you can do when travelling which feels like the height of luxury because it's what rich people love to do and tagging along doesn't require you spending a fortune. For example, if you're on a city break, you won't have to look far to find a free gallery opening or rooftop charity gala where you can soak up the atmosphere and all the canapes you want.

Similarly, make the most of the cultural experience by doing a local activity synonymous with luxury, such as the British royal race-fest Ascot, which Oddschecker has full details on - for anybody looking for ways to make their time at a luxury event such as this as worthwhile as possible. Once you're equipped with a glass of Pimms, a funny hat and plenty of racing action, you'll be feeling like one of the royals yourself, all for the simple cost of a drink.

Treat Yourself

Most importantly, treat yourself! You may have spent six months backpacking through Thailand living off instant ramen and washing your clothes every other week, but you should always have something in your back pocket for a well-deserved treat after months on the road. Taking the time to scrub up, put on a shirt and go for a fancy dinner with beautiful views can be a perfect way to round off the trip of a lifetime, so don't forget to splurge!

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