Pickpocketing is on the Rise in Paris, too.

Pickpocketing is up 11% in Paris. This video is in French, but the gist of it is: watch your valuables, tourists are especially vulnerable. Just look at this Australian family who have their wallet pickpocketed in the Metro. If you are not going to hide your valuables, then at least remember these simple rules:

- Don't put your wallet in your back pocket.

- Don't hang your purse sideways over your shoulder, leaving the bag on the back of your body. Keep you bag close to you and keep your hand over the - opening.

- Don't wear an expensive watch, they are super easy to take.

- Don't hang your purse over the back of your chair in restaurants.

- Do't keep all your money and credit cards in one place. Spread it out so if you do get pickpocketed you will have a spare credit acrd and some cash.

- Don't keep your passport in your purse. Keep it safe. Getting a new one is such a hassle.

Or just hide everything in your Clever Travel Companion travel gear with secret pockets. Much easier and it sure is fun fooling those pickpockets!
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