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Pickpocketing videos!

Here's a collection of videos about pickpocketing, incidents, accidents, skills and how to stay safe.

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Pickpocketing is a crime of oportunity and staying safe is all about making yourself less of a good opportunity for the huge number of pickpockets out there. Having your valuabels in a hidden pocket is the safest bet - no one will even know that the items are there and even if they did, getting at them would be too much of a challenge for the high stakes job that pickpocketing is. Remove the opportunity! Stay safe! (Naturally by using our gear!)

Real Life Scam: Pinch-Push Pocket


The best pickpocketer in the world

The Real Hustle: The Jacket Pickpocket

The Real Hustle: The Lift


Apollo Robbins, The Master Pickpocket: Tricks of the Trade

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And here are some videos of our products

If you have, or want to make, a video of our products - a review, general comments or out in the field - just let us know and we'll make sure to include it here.

BBC World News Review

Skip to 2:30 and you'll hear Tommy Sandhu tell you about the Clever Travel Companion range of products.

 Clever Travel Companion BBC World News Review

Princess review of the Clever Travel Companion gear!

Grrrl Traveler Review

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I have purchased the “boy shorts” and I used them on a recent German trip. They were comfortable and gave me a sense of safety.


I loved the Tank top. I traveled in Europe and felt totally OK in not having any worries about money taken from me.


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