A look at the bigger pickpocket picture

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about which countries in specific areas have problems with pickpockets and muggings. Let’s round out this picture with a look at our world as a whole. Which countries really top out the list? We’ve looked at the great top ten list given to us by TripAdvisor for the most traveled to cities have the worst problems with pickpockets, but we don’t have any lists that tell us which countries as a whole come out on top. Well let’s correct that. Here is our list of the countries you are most likely to get pickpocketed in, shown in thefts per year. The results may surprise you!

  1. United States of America - 6,150,598

  2. Germany - 1,894,889

  3. Brazil - 1,425,070

  4. United Kingdom (England and Wales only) - 1,318,594

  5. Italy - 1,066,669

  6. Russia - 1,038,566

  7. France - 797,217

  8. Netherlands - 648,015

  9. Japan - 541,008

  10. Canada - 512,230

Who would have thought Canada would have made the list? They are so friendly and generally are quite crime-free! If this had been a top 11 list, Australia would have come in next at 500,552 thefts per year. (That’s pickpockets and muggings, not any other type of theft.) Stay safe out there everyone! Get your Clever Travel Companion gear ready for your travels - as you can see pickpockets are everywhere. Protect yourself and make your next trip a safe and exciting time, free of worries.

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