Pick pocketing clothing, what is that all about?

Now why would anyone need special 'pick pocket proof' travel clothing? Isn't that overdoing things a bit?

This is a question we get sometimes and frankly the answer is no. It is not overdoing it. Not if you want to relax, enjoy your travels and be know that your valuables, documents and money are safe. There are two things to worry about regarding your passport, credit cards and money when traveling: pickpockets/theft and accidental loss.

Most people have never been pick pocketed. Most people have not had their belongings stolen from them when traveling. But the fact is 400 000 people do get pick pocketed daily around the world. So even though it still has not happened to you it very well can. Please do not be fooled thinking that it won’t happen to you because you are smart and watch out for your stuff. Pick pockets are smarter than you in this regard. They know what they are doing and they know just how to get your money without you noticing. They are professionals and stealing from travelers is what they do for a living, they have lots of practice and they do it very well.

Pickpockets know where travelers keep their money. They know where to look and how to take them without being noticed. They know how to open your purse, get into your pockets and steal from you quietly and quickly and without getting caught. All it takes are afew seconds.

They know how to divert your attention and grab your wallet, your camera, purse and watch. They know what is worth stealing and what is not. They know how to use stolen credit cards and they know how to sell passports on the black market.

So in turn do you know how to not get pick pocketed?

Here are some basic pointers

  • Don't keep all your valuables in one place. If there is a safe in your hotel room, use it. Always keep one credit card in a safe place so if you do get pick pocketed you will have a back up.
  • Keep the bulk of your valuables in a safe and in the secret, zipable pockets of your Clever Travel Companion travel clothing. Keep some cash and one credit card in a regular pocket or wallet for everyday purchases. We don’t want you exposing your secret pocket every time you pay for a bus ticket or ice cream or the likes.
  • Don't keep things in your back pocket.
  • Don't keep your purse hanging on your back.
  • Don’t hang your jacket or bag on the back of a chair.
  • Don’t let strangers 'help' you unasked. Whenever strangers, especially,more than one approach you with map questions, asking for directions, trying to hold on to your bag etc, be aware. Diversion is the best way for a pickpocket to  work their magic. They often work in pairs or groups, so be wary. Just walk away.

As for accidentally losing your valuables; if you have the bulk of your money, your passport etc zipped into a secret pocket you simply can not lose it. After all who simply misplaces underwear?! Whereas a wallet, handbag etc can easily be forgotten anywhere, left on a bathroom sink, forgotten in restaurant. Another great use  for the secret pockets are when doing sports or going on an adventure. rather than placing your valuables to the side when bungy jumping or rafting, just zip the in and they are safe. When jogging or off to the gym, just keep your hotel key nicely zipped in a secret pocket and voila, you are all set!

Money can be replaced, so can credit cards and passports. But, having to spend time on vacation doing just that is not fun. It is time consuming, it is expensive, it is a drag. So rather safe than sorry; zip up your valuables and enjoy your travels!

With wishes for a great, exciting 2015 full of travel and adventures!


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