Lost Passports: What’s Truly Amazing About The Amazing Race

Despite 21 seasons of the show to learn from, another team fell victim to lost passports on The Amazing Race. Last season, the middle-aged rocker duo of James & Abba were the latest pair to face elimination due to losing a passport.

In the rush of the race, they left their backpacks in a taxi which proceeded to drive away with Abba’s passport. Though they tried filing a police report with hopes of finding the passport, their search was unsuccessful leaving Abba unable to travel and the team ultimately eliminated.

Amazingly enough, this isn’t the first time it’s happened on the show. In season 13, Toni & Dallas were grounded in Russia with no way to travel after Dallas lost his passport. And again in the following season, Jen & Kisha left their passports in their bags at the detour and found themselves at the end of the leg with no means of traveling.

It is absolutely amazing that contestants do not take more care in keeping track of their passports. Of all reasons to be eliminated, failing to secure your passport seems to be an embarrassing way to go out. Much like the television show, missing out on the next part of your vacation because you no longer have your passport seems like a terrible ending to a trip.

Think losing your passport can’t happen to you? You may be thinking that because you are not a contestant on The Amazing Race and in a rush to get your destination, it seems unrealistic that you’d leave a bag in a taxi or some other bonehead mistake.

Travel days, however, can be filled with loads of stress and unexpected hurdles that will make anyone feel like they’re on The Amazing Race. That’s why it’s essential to always keep your passport close to your person, ideally in a zippered pocket underneath your clothing.

There might not be a million dollars on the line when you travel, but securing your passport and other values could make or break your trip. Now we just have to hope that the contestants have finally learned their lesson about losing passports next season on The Amazing Race!


Abba and James looking despondent after being eliminated from the Amazing Race after losing their passport.



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