Here We Go!

So here we go! We are launching the Clever Travel Companion website: the store and blog! Ever since my first backpacking trip I have wanted to make products that make traveling easier and especially safer. I distinctly remember always being worried about losing my passport, my ticket or my hard earned cash (back in the days when one traveled with cash or travelers checks few places accepted anything but I traveled with the all the money I needed for the entire trip in my pockets, seriously.)

So after thinking about it for a while, I decided to take the leap and I set about making the Clever Travel Companion a reality!

I am very proud and happy to bring my Clever Travel Companion products to the world. The first product we are launching is a line of men's and women's underwear with pockets. Some might think that sounds crazy. What? Underwear with pockets? What for?

Well it is not crazy, it is really quite ingenious! Instead of putting cash in your sock, or walking around with a stupid looking banana bag around your waist that simply screams “tourist come and get it” or as most do, carrying all your valuables on your person, in your pocket or in your purse where even the least clever of pickpockets can get to them, just hide your valuables in your underwear with pockets!

If you are backpacking and forced to sleep in a crowded train, or in a bus terminal or having to crash on a bench, the underwear are a lifesaver. Instead of worrying all night that someone will steal your stuff just as you doze off, just put your valuables in the pockets and have a great rest!

No matter where you go you will always know that your stuff is safe and that there is no way on earth anyone can get to it. Of course, you can also rest assured that you will not lose anything - It is simply impossible to mislay anything that is firmly locked into a zippered, hidden pocket

The best part is, the underwear is just the beginning! More products are coming! We are also planning on sharing smart travel tips and ideas as well as pictures from our travels with you.

We would would love to hear from you if you have any great advice for other travelers, pictures to share or stories to tell. All published stories and photos will be rewarded with a free pair of underwear with pockets!

All the best,

Clever Travel Companion

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