Photos and Jordan and Saving Files

A couple of years ago, when I was working as a journalist, an opportunity to go to Jordan and write for a Swedish travel magazine opened up. For a week I was driven all over Jordan to all the magical, historical sites, ending with a day long visit to Petra and a day at the beach in Aquaba.

This was probably the best trip I ever went on. Jordan is magical. Petra is breathtaking (forget the pyramids... they feel amateurish in comparison) and all the other sites and towns, Amman and Mount Nebo, driving past Lots frozen wife by the Dead Sea to the ruins of Jerash are so much more than I ever expected and all truly awe inspiring and magical!

Jordan is one country I will return too and I can not recommend it highly enough. Not to mention the food..Baba Ganush and Hummous and freshly baked flat bread... it is simply heavenly.

Anyways, I have no pictures to post since I somehow deleted all my photos from my camera. I have no idea what happened or how. This is why, these days I use Dropbox and no matter where I am I simply make sure to upload everything to Dropbox every single day, that way I can not loose anything. There are plenty of other file saving sites out there (for instance sugarsync, google docs work too) and the important thing is really choosing one, any one that works for you. Most of them have free starting packages that do just fine. I mean who wants to loose all their photos and important documents just because a camera gets lost or a computer falls in the sea? So for your next trip make sure to use some kind of backup file saving system and you will have one less thing to worry about.

Even if I had had pictures of my trip to Jordan, I don't think they would have made the sights I saw justice. More often than not I find that my photos don't add much to my memories. I prefer photos of family and friends in the places we visit. Photos of places and things never come out as well as I hope and end up being quite flat and uninspiring. This is probably just because I am not a very god photographer. I do appreciate all the magical travel blogs out there on the net these days with amazing photos. It is just that I can not recreate what they can, so really why even try? I can peruse others blogs and photos instead and get inspired and I often decide where to go next based on that and leave the photography up to the pros!


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