Lots of Positive Feedback

So, we have been in business a couple of months now and the feedback is starting to come in and I am so very glad to say it has been overwhelmingly positive! Everyone I talk to about the Clever Travel Companions underwear with pockets not only get the concept, but also want a pair for themselves. It seems I am not the only one who has had issues with pickpockets and loosing my money and credit cards on my travels. But as a customer from Brisbane, Anne, recently wrote me 'It is mostly about peace of mind - i don't want to have to worry all the time, checking to make sure that I still have my passport and money, it is nice to know that my stuff is there and I never have to think twice about it'.

The Clever Travel Companion has been getting quite a lot of press lately, and one particularly nice review was from Corbin over at the blog "I Backpack Canada", which I would like to share:

"The fabric feels great, and the fit ensures “everything” stays in place. I’m a big fan of the boxer-brief style, and the folks at The Clever Travel Companion did good work on the overall construction and quality of their mens underwear. The pocket zippers feel like they’re sturdy and could be definitely be trusted with hanging onto your documents."

Thank you everyone for shopping, thank you all travel writers for your reviews. Thank you for choosing the Clever Travel Companion for your travel safety gear! Stay tuned everyone - we will be launching some fantastic new products very soon...


No idea why the two are grouped together, but pretty funny none the less.....

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