New Product Launch!

Yay! We are finally able to launch our new products! All in all there are quite a few products. The new additions are the t-shirts with a pocket on the stomach area in white and gray and the tank tops with a t-shirt on the stomach that come in white and black. Both products are meant to be worn underneath a second layer, a shirt or sweater or jacket, that hides the pocket. The pocket size is perfect for passports, cash, credit cards or other important stuff such as keys or your cell phone, basically what ever you do not want to lose, no matter what.

I hope you will enjoy our new products! We have made sure they all are excellent quality - 100% soft cotton - and that they do flll a real function and that they are extremely practical. Because after all, money belts and neck pouches in all their glory...having a secret pocket directly on your clothes makes life a whole lot easier when traveling; it is one less item to schlep around and it is a whole lot safer. There is no additional product to buy and wear and worry about, since everyone needs clothes after all and there is no way you can mislay your t-shirt or tank top, or god forbid underwear without noticing. And really, not even the most expertly pick pocket should be able to get away with stealing your stuff without you noticing when it is safely stowed away in your secret pockets.

Happy Christmas shopping everyone and stay safe!

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