The Solo Traveler Encounters Thieves in Naples

The Solo Traveler tells us her experience almost losing it all in Naples, Italy and how the Clever Travel Companion's underwear with pockets could have come in handy.

When traveling, the thing is to always divide your valuables: one stash with what you definitely can not afford to lose, this is usually your passport and one or two credit cards. Without passport and access to money it is difficult to even get home if something happens. The other part can consist of a credit card or two for every day shopping as well as cash in the local currency. 

The first part you hide in your underwear with pockets, so that no matter what you will always have it. The second part you keep around like you normally would; in a purse or pocket or wallet. 

There are four major reasons for this divide: first you don't want to be bothered to open your secret underwear pockets every time you need to pay for a drink or ice cream or what have you. Second you don't want to show the whole world where your valuables are hidden every single time you pay for something (this is also why fanny packs, neck poches and money belts are a bad idea - they are so easy to spot for a trained thief). Third, if you are ever mugged it is smart to have some money at hand to give the muggers. They won't buy that you, a to them, rich looking tourist, don't have any valuabels on you. By keeping some money at hand you always have something to offer a robber, and believe me you always want to give an attacker what he or she wants, it is never worth fighting over money, especially not if your assailant is armed.

Finally, as afore mentioned, you always want to keep your passport and a major credit card at hand so that no matter what happens, you can always pay for a flight, a cab, a hotel room and make it home safely.


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