Important Holiday Shipping Information!

Dear customers, 

the Holiday season is the busiest time of the year for all postal carriers. The shipping rates and estimated delivery times we offer on the Clever Travel Companion are based on real time calculations from the shippers. However, once an order leaves our warehouse it is in the hands of the shipping company and we can only trust that they deliver within the time frame they gave. We do everything we can to make sure you get your order as fast as possible, but sometimes delays do occur.

International customers - please go to for better shipping options. We are currently changing fulfillment partners and due to this international shipping will be quicker and less expensive from Amazon UK.
Please, regardless where you live, keep in mind that December is the busiest month for shipping, and the last week before Christmas even more so, and that even though we always aim to ship the same day an order is placed, once an order leaves our warehouse it is up to the shipper and we can not influence their job.
If you want to make 100% sure that your gift will reach you in time, the Clever Travel Companion does offer electronic gift cards! They don't need any shipping time at all and they have no expiration date! And best of all the recipient can choose any color and size!
Remember - standard shipping is free on orders over USD 40!
Happy Holidays everyone and safe travels!
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Dear Deborah,
thank you very much for your nice comment. I hope your daughter will indeed use our underwear with pockets and stay safe! All the best for the holidays,
Clever Travel Companion


I saw your product in our local paper, listed under “Recommended Christmas Gifts for Travelers.” I’m anxious for my daughter, who is a runner,to try your underwear with pockets. I’m always after her because she doesn’t usually carry her phone & pepper spray. Now she’ll have no excuse! Thank you in advance for an inventive and useful product.

Deborah McClay

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