"Adventures with Ben" Reviews Clever Travel Companion's Gear

Here is another excellent review of the Clever Travel Companion's underwear with pockets: Underwear with Pockets Travel Gear Review: Protects Your Valuables (& Money too!)

This time from traveler and journalist Ben from "Adventures with Ben". Here are some high lights from the review:

"Whether you’re jetting through terminals or walking through the city, you barely know anything is there. More importantly, pickpockets wouldn’t suspect a thing. The pocket placement allows for easy movement, is completely invisible (unless you strip in the middle of the downtown square) and when stocked feels like there’s nothing there.

I’ve run the Clever Travel Companion through the wash a number of times and they’re still going strong. The zipper has been pulled back and forth on numerous occasions and is still working just fine. All indications point to quality.

Underwear with pockets is perhaps one of the most fun, clever (duh) and useful travel investments you could make. I giggle every time I have them on. It’s a product that does what it promises… and does it well. They are priced right for travelers of any style and would make a great stocking stuffer. I love ‘em and wear ‘em and I suggest you add a pair (or two) to your collection."

This is great praise - I am blushing with pride. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that our quality work has worked and that our underwear actually performs as it should. 

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