Finney's Friday Free Stuff on ABC news, 7 on Your side

WOW! What a response! The Clever Travel Companion was just featured in Finney's Friday Free Stuff on ABC news, 7 on your side, the San Francisco Bay Area's most popular news. The Clever Travel Companion offered, through the show, 100 free pais of underwear and they are going fast, really fast! Within minutes we had hundreds, thousands of vistors to the site.

So in sum: the 100 free pairs of underwear are gone, they were all claimed within minutes of the segment airing! 

If you did not manage to get one of the free pairs we are also offering a discount code for 15% of your order. Use code "15offclevertravelco" at checkout and 15% will be deducted from your total!

Please note that we do not exchange underwear, so please make sure you check out the size chart and our FAQ page before ordering!

Safe travels everyone!


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Hello Michael, it was in fact said on air and on ABC’s website that the number of free underwear was limited as per our agreement with ABC. We have no influence over their editorial content – it is their choice as to how they relay their information. If that was not clear enough I am very sorry. I will however be sure to let ABC’s producers know your opinion so that they take better care to advertise the limited number of free products included in any give away in the future. Unfortunately, we can not give free products to everyone. We had thousands of visitors to the site within minutes of the segment airing. Had we given a free pair of underwear to everyone we would be out of business today, as I am sure you understand. even giving away 100 free pairs is a considerable cost. I am sorry you are upset by not receiving a free pair. We do offer a 15% discount code for everyone who did not get a free pair.

Best regards,
Clever Travel Companion


If you not going to give everyone a pair you should’ve noted that on the show. Big disappointment. And I will be contacting channel 7 as well for this unjust. Lame.

Michael Boling

Hello Bill,
I have sent you an email with a solution – of course we will make sure you get the 15% off. Please check your email and let me know how you want to proceed!
Clever Travel Companion


I was one of those who got caught up in your product.I missed the free pair and did not get the chance to get at least the 15% discount. I hope you can correct this problem. My order number is #2848

Bill Rose

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