The Forgetful Tourist

People leave items behind in hotel rooms all the time. Everything from sunglasses to laptops are forgotten every day, so if you find that you’re always doubling back for your credit card at the coffee shop or your umbrella on the bus, it’s highly possible you could be a forgetful tourist. It’s totally easy to forget to pick up small things that you set down for just a minute while you are looking at something. There are always people who will come behind you and scoop up things you’ve left before you have a chance to realize it’s missing.

Leaving behind your sunglasses or umbrella is not going to be the end of the world, but if you are prone to forgetfulness and don’t remember to put your wallet back into your pocket or handbag, that can be a complete travel disaster, especially if everything you own is in there. Use the hidden pockets in your Clever Travel Companion garments to keep most of your things safe, like your credit cards, spare cash and identification, and only keep one credit card and necessary cash for the day in your wallet. This way, if you do lose it, you won’t have a complete meltdown and spend the next two hours sobbing uncontrollably and then coming up with a plan on how to pay for your hotel or get back home.

It’s also easy to forget things in your hotel room if you are traveling to several destinations and have to unpack and repack every few days. Your clothing is usually all together in those situations and rarely left behind. Keep important things either on your person or in a hidden pocket item in your travel bag. Your hidden pocket garments can’t help you remember to grab your cell phone out of the nightstand drawer or your paper itinerary off the desk, but you won’t be stranded, because you can’t prove who you are or pay for a cab to get to the airport.

Adding a list of important phone numbers and addresses to your hidden pocket is always a good idea as well. You never know what you might lose or what will get stolen. If you get off the train without the bag that has all your travel papers, you’ll still know where you’re going and how to get there, once the train has left the station.




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