Your Carry-On Bags Aren’t As Safe As You Think

After all the hustle and bustle of making your way through the airport and security, you sit down in your airplane seat with a sigh of relief. All of that mess is over and you can relax and start your vacation. While much of this is true, don’t check out too much and forget about what’s in your carry-on bags.

For many people, the carry-on bag is the perfect place to stow away a laptop, camera, iPad or other valuable for the duration of the flight. There is a sense of security that naturally comes from being in an enclosed space with a group of people. It’s hard to imagine the person sitting next to you grabbing your laptop on the way out, but it happens.


In 2012, Absolute Software, a laptop recovery and security company, reports that 24% of all travel-related thefts reported happened when the plane was in the air. Thefts occurring in the air was only second to the luggage and storage area of all travel-related theft hotspots. It’s clear that your laptop has as much of a chance of being stolen in the air as it does on the ground.


In light of this new information, there are a few steps you can take to protect your valuables while flying. The first is to treat the airplane like any other means of public transportation. Would you stash your laptop under the seat on a public intercity bus? Probably not, so don’t do it on a plane.


Another key to keeping your carry-on safe is to stay alert throughout the flight, especially once the plane has handed. Long, international flights are often perfect opportunities to catch up on some sleep and it’s okay to do so. However, when you do wake up periodically take a look at your carry-on and the items around to make sure nothing has shifted or seems out of place.


Finally, you can always keep your valuables extra secure by investing in additional protection. Many small mobile devices and all wallets, passports, credit cards and identification cards fit neatly inside the secret pockets of Clever Travel Companion’s travel gear. Investing a little bit now could save you a lot in recouping costs later.



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