Tank tops, sold out...oh no!

Yes, we know! We are so sorry, but we are currently almost all out of black and white tank tops. They are ordered and we hope to have them in stock very soon. In the mean time, please try our gray tank tops. Versatile, cool and comfy too! Our maybe a t-shirt in crew neck or in v-neck? They come in sizes from XS to XXXL.

Remember: our gear is the best travel insurance out there!

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Hello, I am so sorry aboutt the delay. For some reason the shipment has been delayed in transit, it sometimes happens. The shipment is on its way and we will make them available both here and on Amazon as fast as we can. We do have some tanks available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.fr. We ship all over the world so do try there. If not please check back here, we are working as hard as we can to get the tanks to our warehouse so we can start taking US orders asap. I hope within a week.

Best regards,
Clever Travel Companion

November 24 2013


I see that the tank tops in larger sizes are still not available. I am traveling to Paris around Christmas and would love to have a few of these. Please advise if they will be availble soon.


Hello Natasha, Juli, Kitt and the rest of you! Thank you so much for you interest in out tank tops! New ones are on their way!!! You should be able to place your orders in the next week or two – please accept our apologies for this taking so long.

Wishing you a great week-end as well as safe and happy travels.



Please advise me when the black and white tank tops will be available for purchase.
Glad to know they are popular for you. Kitt


please advise when these tank tops are back in stock


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