Shipping, Customer Service, Returns and all That

Today we received an email from a customer that made us all very happy. This is what it said:

"Hello.  My order just arrived and I have to say that I am really impressed with the quality and the speed in which the order was processed and delivered. Ya'll are awesome!"
It is not often I get called awesome and I have to tell you it feels awesome. Not to mention the "Y'all" That is pure poetry, so sweet! Thank you!
It boils down to this: We aim to always treat all our customers and their orders as we ourselves would like to be treated. In other words: fast processing, same day shipping and same day responses to all queries. Unless we get an order too late in the day we always ship same day. We always answer emails as soon as we possibly can. Often this means within minutes. When we are really busy it can take an hour and if someone is out of the office a bit longer. But we never leave emails until the next day. Basically someone is always on call to make sure customers get the service and personal attention they deserve. 
So excellent customer service is an integral part of the Clever Travel Companion. 
Regarding returns we have the following policies: we welcome returns within 10 days of a customer receiving a shipment. That means that we simply ask that if a customer is not happy that they return the products within ten days. Why ten days? We are a small company and we  don't keep much stock. We must keep a tight reign on our stock so we always know what we have and don't have available. 
We cannot however accept returns of the underwear. The reason is simple: no one wants to buy underwear that someone else has tried on. And we are a small company we can not throw away/give away underwear that we get in return. We can not afford it. So we make sure to have size measurements and information readily available so our customers can make an informed decision. And we are always available to answer any size, quality and color questions you may have before you make your purchase decision.
What else? Well we love to hear from you! Be it compliments or critique. Compliments make us blush, critique too but for a whole other reason, But if you don't tell us when we do something wrong we can not improve, so please keep your comments coming. Let us know any ideas regarding colors, materials, sizes. We listen to each and everyone and we do take your wishes into consideration! Our goal is to make the best personal travel safety products imaginable and your critique is super valuable.
Stay safe on your travels and please let us know how your Clever Travel Companion gear works out! If you send us a picture of you wearing our gear, or tell us a story about your travels using the Clever Travel Companion's gear we will reward you with a gift card so you can get another product for your next trip!
You can email us, talk to us through Facebook or Twitter and Pinterest too, or just leave message here on the blog!
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